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The Motherload

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This is a private transmission from District 13 with a message.
The M o c k i n g j a y lives.

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how to make friends

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Seeing as I’m probably one of many still playing through all of what last-gen has to offer, it’s finally time… to die.

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[21/?] favourite films:
Snowpiercer (2013) dir. Bong Joon-ho

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"The most important keyword to me was ‘train’ and the structure of the narrative reflects that. It’s simple: Curtis travels from the very last section of the train to the front. So the different carriages represent different stages in the story – every time you enter a new car, it’s like a new world that the characters are experiencing." 

– Joon-ho Bong on the design of the train cars.

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Jennifer Lawrence attends Dior Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014/2015 Fashion Show | 07/07 

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Tegan in the video for Sara Bareilles’ ‘Uncharted’. [x]

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